Forceps Delivery


Forceps are instruments that are used by medical professionals during delivery to assist with pulling a newborn through the birth canal. They must be used at appropriate times and in accordance with established and accepted medical protocol.  If the physician departs from these standards of care and causes injury as a result of their negligence, they can be held liable for the damages their victims suffer.

A physician’s negligence can result in a life sentence of difficulty for you and your child.  The emotional and financial burdens that victims of malpractice and their families might face can be substantial. Quite often, victims of brain injuries require lifelong medical care, nursing care, special needs accommodations, housing disability, transportation, special education, medicines, medical equipment, special caregivers and aides.

If you suspect that your child’s brain injury was caused by a physician’s or nurse’s negligence, it is important that you speak with one of Constantinidis & Associates brain injury lawyers about your right to compensation. We will hold those responsible accountable and will fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

Unfortunately, negligence and inexperience on the parts of doctors and other medical professionals can lead to infant’s sustaining severe permanent injuries.  These injurie may include:

  • Facial nerve damage
  • Skull fractures and brain damage
  • Subdural hemorrhaging
  • Cerebral palsy

If your child has sustained a birth related injury please contact our experienced birth injury attorneys today to schedule your free initial consultation.

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If you have been told that your child has suffered any of the above injuries it is imperative that you IMMEDIATELY have your child examined by a pediatric neurologist.  A pediatric neurologist will be able to run the appropriate tests, render a diagnosis and recommend the necessary treatment for your child. 
Having a child with a brain injury is a tremendous undertaking that can result in a serious hardship for your child and your family. Likely, your child will need to receive continuous special physical and occupational therapy together with adaptive equipment as well.

At Constantinidis & Associates, our attorneys and staff understand what you are going through and promise to provide you with the legal expertise, respect and compassion throughout your child’s malpractice lawsuit.  

We understand that the cases we handle change lives forever and our team of attorneys and network of experts are ready, willing and able to aggressively investigate the underlying facts of your case and fight for you to get you the just compensation you deserve. At the same time, we take comfort holding those responsible accountable for their negligent actions and preventing future instances of malpractice.